CrossFit is an extreme strength and condition program designed to push you to your limits and beyond. Through high intensity, interval training, strength and conditioning, and power lifting you will transform your body. CrossFit is you against you, in a community of the competitive. CrossFit starts at 5pm.

FitKids is our Youth Fitness program that provides education, encouragement, and exercise for elementary aged children. Led by ISSA Certified Youth Trainer “Coach Collin” and the team, we coach good habits, and character traits, and the determination to stay active for life! We show kids that they are valued, and that they can have fun and stay fit.FitKids starts at 5pm.. Elementary kids only.

Spin is high intensity cardio on a very cool bike! Led by passionate Instructors you will ride, spin and climb over the terrain of popular music! The faster the beat the faster you pedal, the slower the beat the more you climb up out of the saddle. This class will be great fun outside on the deck at C3 Fitness. No reservation with the bikes and no number of bikes needs to be stated. Spin starts at 5pm.

Zumba is a Latin-Inspired dance fitness program. Every Zumba class is truly like a dance party! You will dance and sweat, make friends and come back asking for more! Zumba starts at 5pm.

Total Fitness is group fitness at it’s finest! Circuit training, hitting every major muscle group with a great cardio effect. Short on time? This is a great “total” workout! Total Fitness starts at 5pm.